• Wholesale Voice Operators
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Wholesale Voice Operators

  • We make use of a complete platform for wholesale voice operations.
    • Centralised routing, rating, billing, and business intelligence to satisfy all of our clients in the growing wholesale voice business.
  • An integrated, real-time service management to support 24/7.
    • A secure network infrastructure and class leading direct routing connections in all countries around the world. Do you want our best offer? Select the destinations and send us a message. Read More.

 For Everyone

  • Want to call everywhere and pay local tariffs? Login
  • Be part of a revolution, a virtual phone, a cheap local landline anywhere on the globe*. Create an account and get a 1 euro credit to call anywhere. * check our rates and our zones for more details. Read More.

Rates and Zones

  • Through a tailor-made business model for long-term contract or short-term volumes, we offer a selection of destinations and global carriers. We engage in bilateral trading and mixed price routing to increase your profit.
  • Our rates aim to be the lowest in the world. Same price as if you used the credit through your mobile, landline, or computer. No monthly fees, no connection cost, no service charges.